Kali Oreksi (Bon Apettite)

Greek food is based on the staples of the Mediterranean diet according to the values of our ancient cookery; seasonal and fresh raw ingredients cooked in perfection to create light, balanced and clean tastes. Later on, our Greek culinary culture became more sophisticated as part of the Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire, receiving many influences on the crossroads where the East and the West meet.

Pleasure for everyone!

At Olympic Beach you will find everything that you heart and stomach desires. Fresh fish and seafood is very common in the local taverns but everything there is! Burger shops, pizzerias and of course the famous Greek Gyros are all present just a few steps away from our hotel. For desert there so many options too! Yogurt ice-cream and the famour loukoumades (dumplings) of Olympic beach are waiting for you to give your palates a magnificent experience!