The land of the gods

Pieria is the Greek prefecture that Mt Olympus rests upon. It is a place of natural beauty that offers a plethora of beautiful sights to explore and enjoy. If you look beyond the great sandy beaches of Olympic Beach and the close by town of Paralia we are here to point you to some directions

Archaeological Site of Dion

Dion is a village in the Pieria, Greece. It is located at the foot of Mount Olympus at a distance of 17 km from the capital city of Katerini.

If you are a history buff you will certainly enjoy Dions archaelogical site and museum very much. Dion was a great ancient Macedonian sanctuary of Zeus and a sacred ancient city, much of which is visible in the Archaeological Park of Dion and the Archaeological Museum.

Not a history buff but a culture enthusiast? Then during summertime music concerts and plays take place on the grounds of the ancient amphitheater providing an incredible experience for the visitor.

You want a fun day to enjoy amazing waterfalls and nature? Then just a kilometer away you can visit the natural waterfalls of Orlias and swim in the beautiful blue-green lagoons!

No matter what you like Dion is a place that offers everything and a must see during your stay in Pieria!

Platamonas & Panteleimonas

Traveling just 30 minutes to the south of Katerini you will will be greeted by the Venetian Castle of Platamonas perched on top of the hill overlooking the Aegean. Platamonas is a coastal town with clear blue waters and a vibrant life.

Driving up the hill you can visit the Castle and its interior and get the feeling of knights guarding the coast from pirates of the old.

Just across from the castle you will find the town of St Panteleimon were you can rest for a while but moving just 10 minutes away from the new town you can find the old town of St Panteleimon. Beautiful stone built houses have been renovated and over a great walk in a village that defied the test of time. You can rest under the thick shade of the plane tree at the towns central plazza where you can taste the local cuisine and sweets. A great place to breath in the clean natural air of Mt Olympus!

Beaches of Pieria

Pieria is a truly blessed place. Not only Mountain Olympus and the Pierian mountain range offer amazing opportunities for enjoying nature, hiking, mountain cycling, canyoning and other sports but its beaches stretch to an amazing 70km range so there many places to visit and enjoy a refreshing swim!

Starting from the Northern Part of Pieria a visitor can reach beaches at Methoni, Makrygiallos, Korinos, Paralia, Olympic Beach, Variko, Gritsa, Plaka Litochorou, Panteleimon Beach, Platamonas and finally Neoi Poroi beach. There is simply no shortage for places to sunbathe, swim and relax here!

Of course there are so much more to see and experience in Pieria. From the vibrant life of Katerini with its great shopping center and its beautiful park to the evergreen nature of Olympus where one can meet with silence and peace becoming one with nature. Feel free to ask us more about Pieria. We will be happy to point you to the right directions!